Top 5 Best Programs for Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is popular activity that a tourist can do with exploring the beautiful country and support to the needy community together. Utilizing the free time with sharing other support to the needy people is one of the great work in a life.

If you are looking for the volunteering program in Nepal to spend some time and share your resource with the local needy community. Then, this article gives you an overview of some of the best things you can do as a volunteer in Nepal. Many people from foreign countries visit Nepal and work as a paid and non-paid volunteer in different fields. Some of the popular volunteering programs and fields are as follow:

1. English Language Teaching Volunteering

If you are good in English or your native language is English and have free time for volunteering in Nepal, then teaching English in governmental and private schools is the best option as volunteering in Nepal. In Nepal, many rural area schools welcome English teacher volunteers. Teaching in rural area in school or other community which can be motivation for the students. Staying in local host family and volunteering for for one week to up to 5 month long term is possible.

2. Volunteering in Orphanage Home

In Nepal, volunteering in Orphanage home is one of the popular volunteer program. Many children from different parts of country are kept by some charity and humanitarian organizations and provides shelter and food with education facilities in orphanage home. Staying and supporting at orphanage home to the needy children is really a worth program. So orphanage home volunteering is recommended one.

3. Volunteering in Buddhist Monastery

If you want to learn Buddhism from monks and share you knowledge of language and other idea to them, then volunteering in the Buddhist monastery is the best option. Volunteering in Buddhist monastery is double beneficial job. It enables you to teach English to Buddhist monks on one hand and learn Buddhism from monks in other hand. There are various ways you can help like helping in the kitchen, cleaning pooja room etc.

4. Volunteering in Hospital

If you are from medical background and want to spend your valuable time as a volunteering in hospital, then it’s possible in Nepal. Volunteering in Nepal hospital and health posts can be rewarding. Your medical knowledge and expertise is beneficial for people in the remote part of Nepal where very rare doctors are available. Volunteering in the rural part of the country is advisable and recommended one because very few medical resources are available for locals.

5. Volunteering in Agriculture Projects

Nepal is still depending on agriculture. Most of the people are based in agriculture. Agricultural practices are traditional and the planting and harvesting seasons are very festive. They are cultural part of life. Staying with local family and working in farm with them is really a different taste of life. Discover what happiness is from this program. Volunteering in rural Nepal gives you complete taste of Nepal. Eat organic fresh food and fruits from the garden. Live more natural life joining this program.

Similarly volunteering in the other field like construction, animal care, old age home, elephant care center and other places are possible. Spend you valuable time to support the needy people. Be a volunteer in Nepal.