Things to Consider for Better Ranking in Search Engine

For a successful business any website must be found in business keywords in the top place of search engine. If a website founds in top position the maximum chances of getting business is high. So, everybody wants to get the higher position in search engine but it is difficult. This article gives you the overview of search engine and the influences of different topics affects on the better ranking.

What is Search Engine?
Search engine are the powerful tool for internet marketing. Search engines can be divided into three types, crawler-based search engines, human-powered directories, and hybrid search engines. These types of search engines gather their listings in different ways, through crawler-based searches, human-powered directories, and hybrid searches.

Google is the major search engine based on crawler-based result, yahoo can be described as hybrid and is the human-powered directory. The searching algorithm of different search engine is differing on their type. The results can be differ form search engines.

Some major components that play vital role on search engine are as follow

Title is the most important factor for search result. Title represent the page and its content, so select the suitable time with full of keywords that you want to display. Heading of the page using as title is the best practice for search engine.

Meta Description:
Meta description is another important element of crawler based search engine line Google. The description covers the summery of the page with full of keywords that you want to show your results in Google.

Keywords :
Keywords are the link text use in the page. Title and heading of the page are keywords of the webpage. You should be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of your site: your titles, content, URLs, and image names. Enough keyword contains text leads the search results.
Link back to yourself There is probably no more basic strategy for SEO than the integration of internal links into your site — it is an easy way to boost traffic to individual pages. You should make it standard to link back to your archives frequently when creating new content. I advises you to make the anchor text search-engine-friendly. These anchor text are the keywords (search term) for search engine.

Site Map:
Site map shows the list of pages and their connection to others. Crawler based search engine crawlers the pages thought sitemap more fast. So add a site map, this is another best practice to make easier for spiders to search your site.

Search-friendly URLs:
Make your URLs more search-engine-friendly by naming them with clear keywords. A dynamic URL with different id with parameters are not effective, the best practice is rewrite the URL with full keywords.
Image descriptions Search engine spiders can only search text, not text in images, adding an “ALT” tag allows you to include a keyword-rich description for every image on your site.

Content of the web page is responsible for the search engine good result. Your content needs to be fresh, updating regularly and often is crucial for increasing traffic. Write the targeted keywords full content for the better result. Duplicate content may harm your search results, search engine like Google avoids duplicate results.

Social media distribution:
Social networking site like Facebook, twitter, blog, Google buzz are the fast link sharing options. These sites helps to get back links for website. Sharing the fresh content through social networking sites is good for better result.

Link to your web:
An easy way to direct more traffic to your site is by developing relationships with other sites. Linking your website from other sites helps the search result better. Incoming links support for Google and Alexa ranking